Everything you need to be successful in e-commerce!

plentymarkets makes e-commerce simple, convenient and efficient by providing you with a wide range of individual functions that all work together harmoniously under one roof. plentymarkets is a software you can manage all of your online business processes with. The functions range from managing your items and item information to listing on different markets, managing orders, payments and shipping as well as keeping track of your stock and the list goes on and on.

plentymarkets is a browser-based solution that provides you with  one interface to manage several online stores and all your orders from anywhere in the world without having to install anything.

Within plentymarkets all processes are efficiently linked together and can be highly automated so that you can fulfill orders quickly and provide your customers with a high level of service and satisfaction.

Our features for your success

Online store – plentymarkets is far more than a shopping cart solution, but of course an online store and comprehensive design options are included. You can even manage several different online stores with only one plentymarkets system. Give each store its own individual design and domain, and offer different versions of your items at home and abroad.

Multi-channel – List your items on major international markets such as eBay and Amazon and on several other big and small, international and regional markets e.g., PIXmania, SumoNet, Rakuten, ricardo, Mercateo, La Redoute, Yatego and many more as well as on price comparison portals. plentymarkets has them all fully integrated so you will just need to register and start selling. Use several different platforms to boost your sales and attract more attention to your online store. Your local shop can be easily incorporated as well, making it possible for you to control all of your sales activities with just one powerful piece of software.

Stock management – Use the plentymarkets stock management system to keep track of all your incoming and outgoing items. Moreover, stock management in plentymarkets is more than just keeping an eye on your existing stock. Set up an intelligent warehousing system for fast order picking and packing. Receive warnings and information when your stock is getting low and directly reorder the products to keep them available to your customers at all times.

Order processing – All orders from any platform in one interface. Several external service providers for payment, shipping and fulfillment are already integrated in plentymarkets. You choose who you want to work with and which steps you carry out yourself and which steps you hand over to service providers. If you have no time or space for warehousing, simply choose a fulfillment provider. You rather store your items in your own warehouse and have them shipped by internal companies? No problem. It’s your choice.

Back office processes – With plentymarkets, you can react quickly and easily to changes in your business processes. The process editor is a convenient way to display your individual workflows in the system. You can automate processes without having to make any major adjustments to the software itself.

CRM – plentymarkets includes an efficient customer relationship management system. Easily communicate with your customers via the plentymarkets ticket system and have the order and customer information right at hand in the very same interface. The integrated plentymarkets ticket system includes various useful features for B2C and B2B sales.

Up2Date – plentymarkets is continuously being further developed and new functions are regularly provided to you, so that you are always up-to-date in e-commerce.

Cloud hosting – Our secure and powerful cloud provides you with the resources that you need. It offers a high-level of security and protects your data from unauthorized access.

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