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The Perfect Solution

From initial concept to final execution, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.


There are dozens of marketplaces for you to sell on. You start with eBay and Amazon, obviously.


For an ecommerce SME, one of the key logistical challenges is getting the goods you sell to the buyers who want them.

MultiChannel Management

A multichannel management partner can revolutionise your business and take your profits to the next level.


Engaging a fulfilment partner to hold and handle your stock can be a great way to play to your strengths and focus your mind

Marketplace Tools

When it comes to marketplace selling there dozens of time consuming daily tasks that you’ll need to undertake.


Every online selling operation will, at some level, have an obsession with packaging. Everything you send out will need to be..

Analytics & Research

Having information and insight helps you make better decisions to run your business more effectively.

Product Sourcing

Of all the activities central to running an ecommerce business, sourcing stock is one of the most important.

About TameBay

TameBay was founded by Chris Dawson and Sue Bailey, two British PowerSellers. Between them they have traded on eBay for nearly two decades, and have more than 50,000 positive feedback comments (and just 2 negs!).

Sadly in 2011 Sue died, and since then Chris has been joined by Dan Wilson as co-editor.

Chris and Sue met on eBay UK’s PowerSeller forum longer ago than either of them like to admit. By October 2006, both had become frustrated with eBay’s inability to keep their users informed of new features on the site, with the impenetrability of eBay’s Help pages, and with the lack of a UK- and Europe-centred news site for all things ecommercial. In a moment between classes at eBay University, Dan Wilson said what were to be fatal words: “you need a blog”. TameBay is the result.

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