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XSellco Price Manager is the leading Amazon repricer that helps you win more Buy Box and, crucially, make more profit.

Price Manager automates marketplace prices to ensure you are able to price yourself competitively against every type of rival. Create a repricing strategy you control and ensure you never miss a sales opportunity.

Benefits include:

  • Win the Buy Box
  • Fastest real-time Repricer
  • Maximizes Profit
  • Reprice Up & Down
  • Complete flexibility of rules
  • Powerful Competitor Insights

Features include:

  • Real-Time Repricing
    –  Algorithmic & Rules-based repricing
  • Create dynamic rules
    –  Set Pricing Rule & Min/Max Prices
    – Add competitor rules based on conditions including FBA/FBM Settings, Stock Levels & Ages, Feedback Ratings, Shipping & more.
  • Bulk Upload SKUs & assign prices
    –  Upload all SKUs with associated costs
    –  Bulk assign Minimum/Maximum prices
  • Competitor Analysis
    –  View & analyze your Top 10 Competitors.
    –  Create individual targeted rules.
  • Scheduler
    –  Change repricer rules based on time of day to alter your strategy
  • Replicator.
    –  Copy prices & rules to replicate on new channels such as eBay & Magento.
  • Net Margin Repricing
    –  The Ultimate package is the only repricer on the market that calculates the profitability of each and every product you sell, so you can start to focus on your most profitable sales.
  • Detailed Reports
    –  With our powerful data reports, review and inspect all your pricing events, Buy Box ownership, most & least profitable SKUs, and much more…

“FORGET xxxxvisor, they have massive fees. XSellco is good value for money and actually works.”
Gareth Cawley, Sweet Addicts

Supporting Stats – 87% compete more efficiently, 70% win more Buy Box

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