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Las Vegas


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Telephone: 1-408-471-6886

About Us:

Wonder Lister was founded in 2013 by a former eBay selling tools manager with over 35 years of experience. While at eBay he saw the constant struggles sellers were having because they had no choice but to use the slow, unstable and inefficient listing tools that were available to them in the market. He founded Wonder Lister to help alleviate those problems and designed it from the ground up to be easy to use, fast, and come loaded with powerful features.


Wonder Lister is a desktop based multi-platform listing tool aimed at helping business owners sell their products on eBay and Amazon. Wonder Lister has been designed with a focus towards increasing the productivity of our users. It is based on Microsoft’s SQL Express platform, giving it the power of the most advanced database software in the market today.

Rich Feature Set

  • Bulk Features: Bulk duplicate, edit, list and re-list 100’s of listings with one click
  • Single Page Listing Editor: Reduce the number of clicks and windows by using the single page customizable listing editor. Simply enter the information on one screen and click Submit.
  • Reporting Suite: Access to detailed reports on how your business is doing. Wonder Lister creates invoices, sales, sales tax, consignor and pick reports automatically.
  • Enterprise-Capabilities: Manage your entire business with one software. Wonder Lister has no restrictions on the number of eBay user ID’s, employee database connections, or the number of eBay sites you list on.
  • Grid Editor: See all your listings in one easy to use grid format. Want to make a quick change to a listing, click on the cell and edit. Very similar to a popular spreadsheet software you may have used.
  • International Language Support: Want to list in another language? Wonder Lister will save all your data in the language you input.
  • Automatic Database Backups: Never lose your data again with automatic database backups.

Want to try?

Wonder Lister offers a 15-day no credit card required free trial with subscription pricing starting at just $5/month.

For more information, a full list of features, and download links please see www.wonderlister.com.

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