Review Policy

One way we can help each other is by reviewing the many tools and services that feature in the Tamebay Guide. Genuine, profitable examples of success with a particular company can be hugely valuable to them and we encourage you to share your experiences.

We require that Reviews be honest, open, fair and contextualised. All reviews will be moderated by the Tamebay team prior to publication and companies reviewed will have the right of reply too.

We won’t accept rants or personal attacks. We will welcome clear, factual descriptions of your experiences with a tool or service provider be they good, bad or mixed. Provide context for any problems you encountered.

We also require that Reviews are made by an identifiable individual or company and include a link to your own website, webstore, Amazon or eBay page. This means that people who read your reviews can assess the reviewer as well as the review to judge usefulness.

If you feel moved to make a purely negative review regarding a tool or service, we advise that you contact the company directly and try and resolve any problems with them in the first instance.

We reserve the right to reject or edit Reviews as we see fit, in the interests of protecting Tamebay’s reputation.