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ProSKU answers a growing need among smaller e-retailers for a serious solution to manage physically stored stock. Until recently the main choice for growing e-retail companies was to attempt this, often less than successfully, by using stock control functions in their multi-channel e-commerce or cart solutions. And many companies are struggling to manage their physical storage issues with no specialised software at all – by using spreadsheets or basic paper records.

ProSKU provides a solution for these companies with a genuine cloud-based solution for warehouse management. It’s an affordable system designed for smaller companies to manage physical stock storage efficiently and get big benefits, whatever the size of their storage area.

As a software-as-a service solution ProSKU offers great functionality, usability and quick deployment at a competitive monthly rental. The challenge in designing ProSKU was to harness big warehouse best practice, and deliver it in a form that can be rapidly implemented and easily adopted. The end result is a product that’s simple to configure, easy to learn and delivers superb results from day one!

To meet specific e-retail sector needs ProSKU’s open API allows a wide range of integration with shopping carts, ERP, CRM and carrier management solutions, while also handling data import and export via CSV. Backed by the vendor’s extensive warehouse management experience the simplicity and accessibility of ProSKU makes it an essential part of the IT portfolio for a growing e-retailer.

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