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PicClick – Search eBay Faster.  PicClick provides a dramatically better user experience than eBay.com, allowing you to see hundreds of eBay items faster than you normally would with eBay.com’s standard view.  See it all, find it first with PicClick.

PicClick also provides up to 50 similar items per eBay listing.  This is great when the item is lost to another bidder, or to quickly find alternatives at a better deal, or for product research.  eBay only gives 4 suggestions on the top of the page that are poorly ranked.  PicClick has a team of computer vision scientists continually working on algorithms to find and rank the top similar items per eBay listing.  It is pretty amazing how great the recommendations are for each eBay listing, and this gives buyers a huge advantage.

PicClick provides valuable features so you see more in less time:

  • HD/Retinaimages to see fine details at a glance
  • Zoom Sliderset thumbnails any size you like it
  • Full-Screenfill your entire screen with items
  • Infinite Scrollscan endless pages of items
  • Horizontal Scroll Galleryview all images faster

PicClick leverages proprietary data so you see what others don’t:

  • More Similar Items50+ alternatives per item
  • View Countknow item popularity before bidding
  • Sort by Most Watchedsee what’s most popular
  • Filter by Top-Rated Sellerssee only top sellers
  • Time Leftquickly see remaining time on list view


PicClick provides an engaging experience, built with your feedback:

  • News Feedyour Saved Searches shown visually
  • Live Chatour customer service helps you find it
  • Contact the Sellereasily ask item questions
  • 3x faster page load timescompared with eBay
  • No annoying banner adstaking up space

PicClick covers many international sites:

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