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PayPal Working Capital is a merchant cash advance linked directly to your PayPal account. PayPal use your sales history and account performance to determine your eligibility, so there’s no external credit check or impact on your personal or business credit score. If you are approved and you accept, you’ll receive the funds in your PayPal account within seconds. You pay one affordable fixed fee you know upfront with no interest, penalties or hidden charges. Repayments are taken automatically and repaid based on an agreed percentage of your PayPal sales – so you pay more when sales are strong and less during slower times. T&C’s and eligibility rules apply.

PayPal Working Capital offers more flexibility than most traditional bank funding:

  • One affordable fixed fee that you agree in advance
  • No external credit checks or lengthy forms because approval is based on your PayPal sales history*
  • If approved and accepted, the funds appear in your PayPal account within seconds
  • Repayments are automatic and taken based on the percentage of your daily sales selected
  • No interest or hidden fees for fluctuating sales or early repayment**

* Subject to approval at the time of application. Eligibility is based on internal data assessed by PayPal. PayPal reserves the right to review its eligibility criteria or to withdraw this offer at any time, without notice.

** Customers must not divert sales from PayPal while the cash advance is outstanding and a minimum level of repayments is required.

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