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Linnworks Anywhere is the UKs most popular Business Automation package for eCommerce professionals. With 7 years of growth and development, it offers a mature, robust tool for all your eCommerce needs.

Working with over 30 of the leading marketplaces and website platforms (eBay, Amazon, Magento, BigCommerce), as well as bespoke websites of many shapes and sizes, you can work with all your orders in one place, and keep all your available stock levels coordinated between all your listings to avoid overselling.

In addition, market-leading integration with a range of shipping providers, from Royal Mail, UK Mail and Yodel to USPS, DHL and Fedex mean that you can quickly produce shipping labels to go with your picking and packing lists to save, on average, the cost of at least one staff member. Linnworks also ties into fulfilment houses and drop shippers (including Amazon FBA) seamlessly, reducing the paperwork and record keeping still further for the modern online seller.

Linnworks is compatible with over 30 Website platforms (and their derivatives) and Marketplaces, including eBay, Amazon, Magento, BigCommerce,, Shopify and custom websites written in a number of languages.

With the recent launch of, our first ever browser based solution. Linnworks has combined the power of a software solution with the accessibility and usability of a system based totally in the browser.

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The ultimate multi-channel software solution

Oct 30, 2013 by John Pemberton

In this day of star ratings and reviews, I personally very rarely participate unless I have something interesting or decent to say. Linnworks is a product I came across in its early incarnation around 5+ years ago, and my business way not really ready for it, and to be fair the product was not visually appealing. Around 3 years ago, after a bad experience with Channel Advisor, I was on the look out for a reliable, intuitive product that was, at its core a damm good multi channel inventory management system....Linnworks was that tool.

I had various demos from other products (some of them I can see on this tamebay section). All of them failed a one level or another...but not Linnworks.

As my relationship matured with Linnworks, and the products grew I have come to rely on it more an more. Without Linnworks I would not have a multichannel business, and I would have at least 2 more members of staff. Linnworks easily removes the job of at least 2 people in my opinion.

Linnworks seemlessly adjusts inventory across ebay, amazon, magento, big commerce, play, hitmeister and many more, even while you sleep! It has a robust end to end system so when an item is returned or exchanged, it manages it within the inventory.

Linnworks innovates and listens to its customers - it is the first product (and still the only one I believe) that fully integrates Royal Mail Dispatch Manage Online (DMO)...allowing seamless printing of stamps. Other couriers are integrated, with the option of having a bespoke integration.

Linnworks has 24hr support via telephone, online chat and a ticketing system. Whilst at a hotel last week, I went on to their online chat (no I was not lonely before you think that!!)...I could not log on. The representative who answered (within 30 seconds) found out the problem (hotel firewall)...that\'s the sort of quick, service you get every hour of the day. All the people who you interact with are high level technical experts, graduates etc. As they are based in the UK, you can always speak with a native tongue!

Linnworks staff actually really care about your business...their ethos is all about ensuring a trouble free running of your business. I had the pleasure of attending one of their customer workshops last week in Manchester. We got to speak to their senior developers, the CEO and other fellow users. What a great day, and I learned so much. I was impressed with their CEO who is a razor sharp developer and a technical genius...the company is not run for the benefit of shareholders (like others on here) their care about you and that certainly came across. They introduced new features, such as the ability to automatically translate listings, and use their integrated listing tool to list cross border on ebay.

Other things I find valuable is the way everything can be modified by scripts and macros...if you need one writing, they will do it for you. Nothing is too much trouble for them.

The linnlive listing tool is such a fantastic product. You can seamlessly list on ebay, amazon with html templates configured at the push of a button. Also the system will control the prices and information easily.

If you are looking for a product to run your growing ecommerce business, you have to have linnworks as a contender. There is so much it can do, and there are no contracts (unlike others); no pressure sales people (unlike other shareholder driven companies)...and ultimately IT WORKS!

My business has around 30,000 skus all managed by linnworks. We ship upto 250 items a day, and we operate at 100% feedback on ebay and amazon...partly thanks to Linnworks.

Tamebay Guide , USA 5.0 5.0 1 1 In this day of star ratings and reviews, I personally very rarely participate unless I have something interesting or decent to say. Linnworks is a product I came across in its ear