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FreeeUp is the hands-on solution to hiring the most reliable remote eCommerce workers. We interview hundreds each week and only place the top 1% into our client’s companies. Our workers range from $5 to $50 per hour and they follow our 10+ page communication guidelines. If you ever have issues, we find you a new worker. FreeeUp exists to make online hiring more efficient for remote workers and business owners.

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I Love FreeeUp!

Nov 03, 2016 by Nicolaus Jannasch

FreeeUp is awesome! I'm finally working with a professional freelancer who's available every day. He has all the skills I needed and was very quick to learn what he didn't know.

So far I am 100% satisfied and plan on hiring more help from FreeeUp


Sep 15, 2016 by TJ

Helped me take by business from zero to 1 million in less than 1 year. Period. Enough said. If you want to quickly scale with trusted and tried VA's, FREEEUP is needed. Nathan (CEO of FREEEUP) is amazing and hands on with helping you find VAs, teaching you what works, giving helpful insight etc.... Ohhh and did I mentioned that if you try a worker and doesn't seem to work, well no skin off your back because he gives you a 'try-out' period. I don't know about you, but this is the type of service you need if you truly want to grow your business. End of story.

Top Notch VA Service

Sep 15, 2016 by Scott Margolius

I have great appreciation for FreeeUp’s unique value proposition. While the majority of virtual assistant companies want you to hire their staff full time, FreeeUp neither requires nor pushes that. Even more valuable to me is that FreeeUp’s workers are specialized, often pre-trained, and ready to go. You don’t lose the normal time and resources waiting for recruiting, placement, and then spend time training someone who you may or may not like or who may or may not work out. Your total investment and risk is greatly reduced. Another distinct advantage is that FreeeUp doesn't lock its clients into contracts. Perhaps even more advantageous than that--they don’t push clients to hire dedicated full-time workers. You get access to many resources, each with their own areas of expertise. You get a fully custom and targeted experience instead of expecting one person to have all of the necessary skills you require. FreeeUp uses their initial intake process to assess your needs, then introduces you to pre-screened workers they suggest who will be the best fit. These distinctions are the cutting edge of the virtual assistant space, providing both value and quality. The majority of the assistants I’m working with are US based, yet at the same time I’m just as happy with the offshore workers for the duties they perform. It is a perfect balance for my needs.


Best Company Ever! Not Sure How I Managed Before Using FreeeUp

Sep 15, 2016 by Philippe Weissberg

My name is Philippe Weissberg and I am a proud user of FreeeUp. When I first decided to attempt to outsource my life, I looked for companies online where I could find the most reliable workers. I shopped around talking to multiple hiring platforms, but it wasn't until I spoke with Nathan at FreeeUp that I thought I could make it work. I loved that they interviewed and found the most reliable workers for you so that you didn't have to spend the time doing it. FreeeUp has made it super easy for me to hire new workers. The workers and the company are reliable. And I don't even need to spend much time explaining who I need. They just get it and introduce me to the worker. I highly recommend FreeeUp to anyone interested in hiring remote workers!

We can finally GROW our business

Sep 15, 2016 by RYN TRADING LTD

Freeeup are by far the BEST source to the best, reliable workers should you be wishing to outsource work.
We have tried every single site from upwork to fiver etc and the amount of stress we incurred by using those sites were terrible. We met Freeeup in hope of hiring one worker we now have quite a few full time workers and they run most of the tasks we have been doing until now such as customer support, listings, ebay, social media etc.

We can now concentrate on growing our business, expanding our range and all this whilst the stress of running a business is totally in others hands - they do a Great job too. I am very happy and would recommend any small or new business to hire freeeup workers to concentrate on business expansion which is the core of success.

Tamebay Guide , USA 5.0 5.0 6 6 FreeeUp is awesome! I'm finally working with a professional freelancer who's available every day. He has all the skills I needed and was very quick to learn what he didn't know.